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The image archive is central to the Untold Stories project. In 2010 a callout was made to the Leeds Irish community, on both sides of the Irish Sea, to submit photographs which reflected their emigrant experience. More than 500 images were submitted by individuals and organisations, which were digitally copied. The photographs were taken over several decades and cover a wide range of themes.

Coming Together 1
Coming Together 2
Coming Together 3
Coming Together 4
Coming Together 5
Emigration - Conditions in Ireland
Emigration - The Irish Diaspora
Home Slideshow
Hunger for Home 1
Hunger for Home 2
Hunger for Home 3
Leaving Home 1
Leaving Home 2
Leaving Home 3
Looking Back
Rites of Passage 1
Rites of Passage 2
Rites of Passage 3
Settling In
The Leeds Irish Experience

Some of these images have been used throughout the website, along with images from other archives, with the historical narrative to evoke a sense of what life was like for the Irish in Leeds in the second half of the 20th century. The entire collection of digital images has been presented to a number of Irish and British cultural archives as a permanent record of the Irish in Leeds and bear testament to this vibrant community. A selection of these photographs are available to view below.

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